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    A Chiller In Tremont's Mega-progressive Sassy Pants Voter Guide

    This voter guide from @joelfrominwood in Cleveland and Vote Mob Ohio ( is dedicated to the hipsters, haters, and hipster-haters at Loop Cafe, the lovers at Lucky's Cafe, the progressive mega-chillers hanging at Visible Voice book store down the block, the nerds, the freaks and the geeks at Prosperity Karaoke Night, the working folks at the Steel Mill, the pierogies at Sokolowski's, the kids playing in Lincoln Park, the teachers at Tremont Montessori, and to my housemates at the best house in the world, 2225 W 11th.
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    Jacob Moore's Voter Guide

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    Jason Dey's Voter Guide

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    The We're Tired Of Fighting For Women Guide

    This is an awesome guide for pro-women's health and pro-family planning voters in Ohio.
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    Mimi Cummins Anderson's Voter Guide

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    Progressive Toledo Student Guide To Voting!

    My name is Heather Engle and I am political science major at the University of Toledo. I am the Toledo Coordinator for Vote Mob, where we are creating a Progressive Super Movement, one creative project at a time. Learn more at OR follow me on twitter: @He4therbelle
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    Stacee Kalla's Voter Guide

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    A Voter Guide For Black Girls Who Rock....(by The Way, That's All Of Us)

    Black Girls Rock!Everyone knows that. Something that some people maybe AREN'T aware of (and that's ok, people can learn)is the amount of power that we as black women wield. I mean look at out First Lady....enough said. This election is important so it's essential that we know about who's running, which candidates have our best interests at heart, which candidates rock and which ones WANT to rock but don't.
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    Brian Peters's Voter Guide

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    Kerry Bush's Voter Guide

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    Elizabeth Lee Hammons's Voter Guide

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    Bethany Rayle's Voter Guide

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    Ohio Voting Guide

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    Richard Borecky's Voter Guide

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    Tiffin, Ohio Voter Guide

    A non-partisan voter guide for the Tiffin, Ohio area. The "thumbs up" isn't necessarily who I am voting for.
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    Tina Grose's Voter Guide

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    Eric Hall's Voter Guide

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    Will Thomas's Voter Guide

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    Kyle Moore's Voter Guide

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    Mosby Knowsme's Voter Guide

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    Michael Hill's Voter Guide

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    Kevin Macey's Voter Guide

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    Brenda Mccormick May's Voter Guide

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    Candice Rigby's Voter Guide

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    Jonathan Eugene's Voter Guide

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    Kathy Mitchell's Voter Guide

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    Aaron 'calafato' Collier's Voter Guide

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    Austin Olding's Voter Guide

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    Jeanetta Mohlke-hill's Voter Guide

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    Lindsey Solden's Voter Guide

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    Marci Davis's Voter Guide

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    Brenna Mae Davis's Voter Guide

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    Stephanie Webster's Voter Guide

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    Jessica Lapelusa's Voter Guide

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    Amy Burke's Voter Guide

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    Must Have Voter Guide 2012: Wsu Ohio

    Where is your polling location for Election Day!!??? Chill out...just text "where" or your entire address to 877877 to find out! Woohoo! Technology rules. The only info you need this election season. Use it wisely and vote EARLY! Early Voting In Person: At all county Board of Elections Greene County BOE: 937-562-6181 551 Ledbetter Rd, Xenia, 45385 Early Voting ID: usually only the last four digits of your social security number for properly registered voters, but it is recommended that those with ID take it just in case. Early Voting Dates and Times are the same for all counties. If you need the number of the Board of Election for a different county, check online at the Ohio Secretary of State web site, the local county Board of Election, or call the information and assistance number below. GREENE COUNTY HOURS: Monday, October 29th – Thursday, November 1st 8 am – 7 pm Friday, November 2nd 8 am – 6 pm Saturday, November 3rd 8 am – 2 pm Sunday, November 4th 1 pm – 5 pm Monday, November 5th 8 am – 2 pm For Info and Assistance: Obama for America/Ohio Democratic Party voter hotline, 855-VOTE199 (855-868-3199) THE BIG DAY! Election Day Tuesday, Nov 6, 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM As long as you are in line at 7:30 PM you can stay and vote after 7:30 PM MONTGOMERY COUNTY HOURS: Call Montgomery Co. B.O.E. to confirm 937-225-5656 Tuesday 2 October First Day of Early Voting Tuesday 2nd Oct.. - Friday 5 Oct. 8am - 5pm Monday 8th Oct. Closed Columbus Day Tuesday 9th Oct. last day to register Tuesday 9th Oct. 8am - 9pm Wednesday 10th Oct. - Friday 12th Oct. 8am - 5pm Monday 15th Oct. - Friday 19th Oct. 8am - 5pm Monday 22nd Oct. - Friday 26th Oct. 8am - 7pm Monday 29th Oct. - Thursday 1st Nov. 8am - 7pm Friday November 2nd 8am - 6pm (Ohio law requires early voting to end on Friday, November 2, 2012 at 6:00pm) *(these dates are per Mont. Co. B.O.E. as of 14 Sept. 2012) Election Day Voting ID Current Ohio Drivers’ license (does not need current address but must not be expired) Current state ID card with your name and photo issued by OH Bureau of Motor Vehicles(does not need current address but most not be expired) Current government, photo ID with name and current address Current U.S. Military ID with your name and photo An original or copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or paystub, or government document that shows your name and current address. Exception: you may not use a notice from the Board of Elections. If you do not have any of the above, you may use the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. You will have to vote a provisional ballot.