Your Money and Finances are On the Ballot Here

Welcome to the Ballot. This is a website and blog where we’re talking about your finances, investments, and … well, money in general. What began as a bit of a lark a while back (learning about IRAs to be exact) has been transformed into more of a passion. I guess it’s because the more you learn, and then apply, and then have success, the more you want to share it – the passion, that is.

In my case, I had a little investment that did pretty well. I had invested in a stock that more than doubled, and that was pretty exciting to me at the time. Granted, it wasn’t enough to pay off the mortgage, but it was a fun “win.” It made me want to learn more.

I’ve begun looking a little bit about different IRAs, and although I haven’t quite gathered the nerve to jump into silver or gold (although I have a small hoard of physical silver and gold that’s probably worth a couple of thousand dollars), it’s intriguing.

I’m considering adding some educational posts here at the blog about it, because I figure if I can learn from what I research, perhaps you can as well. No promises though. Again, I bandy the idea about, but haven’t jumped just yet! We’ll see. We’ll see.